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Biking Huts

The original hut to hut biking at its best. Enjoy open country & beautiful single-track.

Mountain Bike Hut Trips

2025 Pricing Update

Please note, for trips scheduled for 2025, the following pricing will apply:

  • Telluride to Moab $1,385
  • Durango to Moab $1,385
  • Telluride to Gateway $1,185
  • Durango to Paradox $1,185

*8 for 7 Rider Discounts will still be available with the initial booking.

We have devoted over twenty-five years to creating and perfecting destination hut-to-hut travel. Both mountain bike routes provide a premium, minimalist experience, for the do-it-yourself adventurer. On either of the two routes, you may ride the ‘standard route’ (historic logging, mining, ranching roads). Or if you are a more technically motivated single track rider, choose the ‘single track alternates’ on four out of the seven days total, provided on each route.

Why this trip is awesome

Why you can do this awesome and remote trip...
  1. Your bike will be properly tuned with new tires, brake pads, etc., before your trip.
  2. You will have a variety of excellent navigational ‘tools’ (Maps, GPS tracks, turn by turn Route Descriptions).
  3. You will be in great condition with all the training you are doing to get in shape for your trip!

  4. You can go light because you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink. We even have one guy, the ultimate minimalist, who has ridden the routes about nine times and goes out with a whopping total of five pounds of gear, no joke!

Why this trip will be tons of fun...
  1. The western landscapes you ride through are nothing less than stunning.
  2. You will come home with memories and stories of a lifetime.

  3. Who knows what kind of epic weather the Weather Gods will throw at you that will make for a great story; perfect sunny days, driving rain, blowing snow, pounding sleet, man eating mud holes, blistering sun, wind driven dust storms, or bugs that can carry you away. Luckily, at both ends of the day, you and your buddies can relax in a comfortable hut protected from the elements! ‘No crawling into a leaky tent and sleeping on a pile of rocks for you’!!!
  4. You will be well rested for your next day’s ride after sleeping on comfortable 4’’ vinyl covered sleeping pads and eating all the tasty grub and beer you can get down your gullet.
  5. Awesome single track trails and backcountry dirt roads to ride on.
San Juan Hut Systems supplies expert advice on all aspects of adventuring with us. Please refer to our reference guide, The Bikers Bible, for information on our Policies and Procedures, Planning Your Trip, what to expect On The Route, and what you will find at The Hut and Hut Etiquette. You will also find such information as recommended Shuttle Services, Bike Shops, Transportation Considerations, Airports, recommended Lodging and much more.

Mountain Bike Routes

6 Night / 7 Day

Our six night/ seven day bike routes start in either Telluride, CO or Durango, CO and finish in the world renowned biking destination, Moab, Utah. Each hut is approximately 35 miles apart and is equipped with food, water, propane cook stove and lights, sleeping gear, and all cookware and utensils you need. Colder huts in the higher elevations also have a wood stove to keep it nice and cozy and to dry out gear. Maps, written route descriptions, and GPS tracks will lead you between each hut. These routes follow dirt road and single-track trails from the high alpine tundra of the San Juan Mountains to the desert slick rock and canyon country of Utah. The standard routes stay on dirt/jeep/and fire roads everyday and on over four of the seven days, there are great single track options on both routes. With the only, A to B, hut-to-hut based system in the US, we provide the adventure of bike packing/touring without the weight of supplies and gear by offering fully stocked huts with minimal route finding challenges.

$995 per person

or Group Discount: 8/7 - Eight riders for the price of seven - $6,965 total. Only available with the initial booking.

Packages are reserved on a first come-first served basis. Call (970) 626-3033 to Reserve

4 Night / 5 Day

Our 5 day / 4 night bike rides follow the same route, starting in either Telluride or Durango, but finish before descending into the Utah sections. The shorter Telluride route ends in Gateway and the shorter Durango route ends in Paradox. Although you miss out on two great days, these shorter routes are perfect for those who must fit their adventures into a standard week-long vacation.

Durango to Paradox and Telluride to Gateway... your entire trip in less than a week!

$895 per person

or Group Discount: 8/7 - Eight riders for the price of seven - $6,265 total. Only available with the initial booking.

Packages are reserved on a first come-first served basis. Call (970) 626-3033 to Reserve

What You Get

  • Comfortable Huts to Stay in
  • Crazy Creek Chairs
  • Wood Stoves
  • Custom Maps
  • Custom GPS Tracks
  • Turn by Turn Directions
  • Backup Support
  • An Adventure of a Lifetime


Our mountain huts hold eight people per night. The wooden huts are equipped with padded bunks, sleeping bags, a propane cook stove, propane light, wood stove, and necessary utensils, cookware, food and drinking water. Food supplies are replenished regularly, and each hut is equipped with a composting toilet facility.