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The original hut to hut biking at its best. Enjoy open country & beautiful single-track.

Telluride to Moab

  • General Information


    The San Juan Hut System Telluride to Moab Route consists of a 6 night / 7 day bike ride, traversing from Telluride, through the Alpine Peaks of the San Juan’s, to Moab’s Canyon Country and Desert Slickrock. The 4 night/ 5 day ride follows the same route, but stops short of the La Sal Mountains and the awesome descent into Moab Canyon Country. In 2014 substantial new singletrack became available. The San Juan Hut System’s Telluride to Moab Bike Route follows 215 miles of secondary dirt roads and/or singletrack from Telluride, leaving the high alpine tundra of the San Juan Mountains to the desert slickrock and canyon country of Moab, Utah. This route is designed for beginner to advanced riders in good physical condition and offers alternate-Single Track routes between various huts to extend your trip and offer more challenges. The Telluride to Moab Route is a bit easier than its sister route, Durango to Moab, and spends a bit more time in the mountainous terrain. It is perfect for those who are first-time riders with San Juan Hut Systems or those who want more flexibility and time in their day to explore singletrack alternates. 

  • Itinerary

    Day 1: Telluride to Last Dollar Hut.
    Be aware that you are riding at altitude and many people coming from lower elevations will feel the effects on this first day. Perched near treeline at 11,000' in the Sneffels Range, the views of the Wilsons and Lizard head form Last Dollar Hut are extraordinary.
    Standard Route.
    You will take the bike path to the start of Last Dollar Road. Last Dollar Road starts off as a dirt road and ends as a jeep road. You will have superb views of the Wilsons and Lizard Head throughout the day. The final 1/8 mile is a very steep trail up to the hut where views well worth the effort await.
    Alternate Routes:
    A variety of great single track options, from taking the gondola up to 10,500 ft for some extra downhill challenging singletrack miles, to the intermediate Galloping Goose, to the strenuous Deep Creek alternate.
    Day 2: Last Dollar Hut to Spring Creek Hut.
    Roll down the northside of the Last Dollar Pass and traverse Hastings and the Horsefly Mesas. Great old west scenery today passing through old ranch country with the jagged north side of the Sneffels Range in the background. For those with extra gas in the tank, there are single track options to explore after dropping your gear and getting a bite to eat at the Spring Creek Hut.
    Day 3: Spring Creek Hut to Columbine Hut.
    Standard Route:
    A densely forested dirt road parallels the edge of the plateau. View points along the way offer big views of the Sneffels Range, Lone Cone, Little Cone, the Abajos, and the La Sals!
    Alternate Routes:
    For the Singletrack rider, you can really choose your own adventure this day. There is a system of trails that generally parallels the standard route and you can choose which sections you want to ride. Even extremely fit and technically proficient riders will find enough singltrack to insure they sleep like the dead. There is also substantial beginner and intermediate trails that many riders will enjoy.
    Day 4: Columbine Hut to Grahm Ranch Hut.
    The Grahm Ranch is owned by Tam and Deana Grahm whose families have ranched in this area for generations. Showers are a welcome luxury this night.
    Standard Route:
    Today you will break out of the forests again and enjoy tremendous views from the alpine meadows and grasslands of the Uncompahgre Plateau. This is wild country with some of the most expansive views in the West.
    Alternate Routes:
    Beginner and intermediate singletrack options exist in the last third of the day.
    Day 5: Grahm Ranch Hut to Gateway Hut.
    The Gateway Hut rests in the shade of giant cottonwood trees alongside the Dolores River. Not long ago the little desert town of Gateway was one of the last isolated real, hard, ranching communities in the west and remnants of this wild west persist. There is even history from earlier inhabitants left in petroglyphs on the sandstone rocks and cliffs. A a relatively new and elegant resort, the Gateway Canyons Resort, has been developed by the previous owner of the Discovery Chanel. He must have recognized prime real estate when he saw it! The resort offers luxury hotel rooms, air conditioned dining, and even helicopter rides, baja 100 tours for those who are interested.
    Standard Route:
    Today you will drop form alpine ecosystem of the Uncompahgre Plateau down to the hot dry canyons. Lots of downhill!
    Alternate Route:
    Significant and quality singeltrack drops you down from the Plateau. There are several options to rejoin the standard route throughout the day.
    Day 6: Gateway Hut to La Sal Hut.
    La Sal Hut is nestled in a meadow on the shoulder of the La Sals that is filled with wild Iris in the Spring. For those up for a little more exploring there are petrified dinosaur tracks and for those with a sharp eye, arrow heads.
    Standard Route:
    Climbs up the infamous and wild John Brown Canyon back into the cooler air of the La Sal Mountains.
    Day 7: La Sal Hut to Moab.
    Yippee, downhill to Moab, one of the best biking capitals of the world.
    Standard Route:
    This is the fast track, you will fly by pines, then ponderosas, then pinion junipers, and then slick rock as you drop down into the desert canyon country of Moab.
    Alternate Routes:
    Various world class bike trails lead down into Moab including the Porcupine Rim Trail!

What People Are Saying

I just finished the Telluride to Moab trip last week and had a blast. The riding was varied (technical single track to well-packed dirt roads) and there were great options for every level of experience and fitness in our group. The huts were comfy, stocked with great food, and clean. The day-by-day maps, directions, GPS waypoints and additional single-track maps were really above and beyond my expectations. I have already reserved a week for next year.

~ Sheldon, Kerr

MTB Hut Trip Info

  • 6 Night / 7 Day
    Bike Package $995.00 per person

    Group Discount: 8/7 - Eight riders for the price of seven - $6,965 total or $870.63 per person. Only available with the initial booking.

  • 4 Night / 5 Day
    Bike Package $895.00 per person

    Group Discount: 8/7 - Eight riders for the price of seven - $6,265 total or $783.13 per person. Only available with the initial booking.

What You Get

  • Comfortable Huts to Stay in
  • Crazy Creek Chairs
  • Wood Stoves
  • Custom Maps
  • Custom GPS Tracks
  • Turn by Turn Directions
  • Backup Support
  • An Adventure of a Lifetime


Our mountain huts hold eight people per night. The wooden huts are equipped with padded bunks, sleeping bags, a propane cook stove, propane light, wood stove, and necessary utensils, cookware, food and drinking water. Food supplies are replenished regularly, and each hut is equipped with a composting toilet facility.