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Do I bring my bike or rent one?

We recommend that you bring your own bike. You know your bike better than anybody and chances are you will be fixing something on it, somewhere on trail. If you choose to rent a bike, we list some bike rental shops on ourĀ Travel Resources page that are familiar with The Routes and the conditions you will experience while on route. Riders ship their bikes using High Country Shipping or through FedEx or they bring their bikes with them on their flights. If renting a bike, know that you will need to ship the bike back to the bike shop you rented from, making arrangements with them. Moab has limited shipping options on the weekend and most hotels are willing to ship out your bike for you if it is already packaged, labeled and billing arrangements have been made.

Velorution Cycles in Durango Colorado is renting a limited fleet of Salsa bikes and Bedrock Bike bags that are great bikes for our trip. Call well in advance to reserve this option.

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