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Tour of Canyons

A "Monumental" way to start the Tour of the Canyons!!

| Kristin Kurtz | San Juan Huts Blog
When looking to ride our Tour of the Canyons route, one should most definitely consider starting the journey with a great cup of coffee and breakfast from Bestslope Coffee in Fruita, CO. From there, you'll be feeling the buzz as you ascend an ideal bike gradient into the Colorado National Monument for stunning scenery and smooth twist and turns.

My Winter Break in the San Juan’s by Holly Ryan

| Holly Ryan | San Juan Huts Blog
So my family and I drove about 4 hours to get to a hot springs. When we were in the car, my dad drove about 3 hours and 30 minutes. My mom drove the rest of the way. After that my dad and I went swimming. My mom took a nap for 30 minutes. While my mom was sleeping, my dad and I played Marco Polo. The hot springs was in Ridgway. Where we went swimming was inside. My dad cut his hand on the wall trying to catch me. The water healed it because there is a rock that is deep inside the earth. They’re hot rocks. Then my mom came where we were we were swimming. My mom does not like swimming. So she only put her legs in. After 15 minutes we went outside.

The Pros & Cons of Shipping your Bike

| Kristin Kurtz | San Juan Huts Blog
Riding your bike is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new place. Planning on riding with us, San Juan Huts, you'll likely be asking the question: Should I fly with my bike, ship it, or should I go cross country to my destination? Which bike case should I use? Box or case? What are the pros and cons to my options? Taking a road trip would be my choice, but not everyone can get a week off of work plus time it takes to get to your destination.
Hermosa Creek Trail San Juan Huts

How to Train for your first Bike Tour

| San Juan Huts | San Juan Huts Blog
When you’re preparing for your first bike tour, it’s important to start slow. Ease yourself into training so you’ll stick with the routine and build your fitness levels steadily.

Sneffels Traverse Ski Race February 12, 2017

| Kelly Ryan | San Juan Huts Blog
The Sneffels Traverse Race is a wild backcountry ski race on mountain ski trails. It is not for the faint of lung or faint of heart. The race will start at the eastern terminus of the Dallas Trail near the town of Ouray, traverse the along the Northern side of the San Juan Mountains, and end on County Road 9 west of Ridgway. The exact course may vary depending on conditions...

Sneffels Traverse Ski Race March 5th 2016

| Kelly Ryan | San Juan Huts Blog
The wild and remote Sneffels Traverse Ski Race is back this year and the date is set for March 5, 2016! It should be a great course with all the snow we have gotten. This one-of-a kind, low key, wild mountain race is such a good time that you really should check it out.

What We Bring

| Kelly Ryan | San Juan Huts Blog
I just finished the Telluride to Moab trip with six friends. I feel like we nailed our gear: we used everything we brought and did not really need anything we didn’t bring. We had everything we needed and our total kits weighed about 10lbs each. This list should vary depending on the weather and your mechanical skill set as a group. We rode in August with a good weather forecast.