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Anne Ryan running with a friend in the San Juan Mountains

Dear Faithful San Juan Hut Systems Clients!

Here's hoping you are all off to a good start to your summer. In the face of COVID and all of the other madness in our world, it is good to know that some of the finest things in life remain: quality time outdoors and running around in the mountains and deserts!

In years past, clients have asked me, "How do I get ready for my trip?" One client, coming from an island off the coast of Florida, asked "What can I do to get fit?" I recommended to him at the time, that he should "put a sock in his mouth to create an O2 deprivation and do a lot of laps aroud the island." Luckily today, thanks to my wife Anne, we have a little better advice and guidance for you to get ready for your trip.

Many of you know that I have the pleasure of running the San Juan Hut Systems with my daughter Kelly, but what you may not know is that my wife Anne runs both a non-profit, LEADS Serves and a Coaching and Training Practice, Mountain to Desert (M2D), that collaborate and compliment the work of the Hut Systems. I met Anne seven years ago when she returned a key after a ski trip to Last Dollar Hut! Today, it is my honor to support her work helping others to get out and play in our Mountains and Deserts. Check out the on-going programs she has available for virtual and online coaching for all sports (including getting ready for your San Juan Hut Systems biking, skiing or hiking trip) as well as her summer running programs! Check back to see her skiing, biking and other retreat and training programs.

Happy Trails,

Owner/Founder/Crashtest Dummy
San Juan Hut Systems

Mountain to Desert Training and Coaching

If you love the San Juan Hut System and the surrounding amazing mountainous terrain and love to run…you will LOVE the multi-day running retreats offered by Mountain to Desert Coaching and Training (M2D) – which is part of the SJHS family of businesses, run by Anne Ryan.

In light of COVID-19 and all of the uncertainties she has introduced to our world, including race cancellations, gym closures, and amplified unknowns, M2D has put together two incredible running retreat experiences to get you on the trails that connect the San Juan Huts - learning, growing and most importantly – RUNNING!

Running Retreats

July 13-17th: Born to Run Retreat 5-day Sneffels Traverse from Telluride to Moab, travelling anywhere from 5-9 miles daily with a total of close to 35 miles. The evening will be spent in the San Juan huts for learning sessions and discussions, based on the M2D Pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Strength, Movement and Balance! MORE >>

July 24-30th: Eat and Run Retreat Follows Scott Jurek's iconic book on ultrarunning. Enjoy up to 215 miles of running over 7 days from Telluride to Moab. Evenings are spent in the San Juan huts discussing key elements from the book, as well as enjoying fantastic food fare, participating in stretching and yoga and learning how to maximize your performance along this epic training/retreat experience. MORE >>

Additional programs include…

Initiate or Reinvigorate Your Running

First Timer: Run Your First 10k, Half-Marathon, Full Marathon - In our new normal, its refreshing to focus on something inspiring – like running your first race! M2D coaching and group sessions will help you to establish your base, build your strength and volume, peak your performance for your first race. MORE >>

A Return to Running: Peer Training Group - This blended program of online coaching and peer training sessions is geared for folks who have fallen out of their running routine but are ready to come back! MORE >>

Virtual Coaching

Private and group coaching that includes research-based training plans, daily interaction with your coach and TONS of video and other resources. MORE >>

If you have any questions or need more information please EMAIL ANNE.

Check back next fall to learn more about M2D’s fall retreats and winter skimo training opportunities!

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