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Last Dollar Hut - Resource Page

Please print and review the following information with the details for your upcoming hut trip and let us know if you have any questions. If you plan on using a GPS, make sure to download the gpx file onto your device before hand. Please make sure to share this information with your group members. If you have any remaining documents to return to us or update, you may click on the links below to complete them. These documents must be received by our office before we can complete your reservation and mail your map and key, so please fill them as soon as possible.If you would prefer to fill paper forms out instead, please contact our office.

Durango to Moab Resources

  1. Hut Operations - An instruction book for general operation of the hut.
  2. Liability waiver - Please fill one per rider and send back.
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  3. Member roster
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  4. Route descriptions - The trail from one hut to the next. This detailed description will get you from one hut to the next. Make sure to print this out and take it with you.
  5. Route checklist - A list of items to submit and obtain before your departure.
  6. Supplemental information - A detailed list of items we suggest you bring along with you on your trip. No matter how long your trip may be, it is always a good idea to have all the necessary items needed. Based on this list and your personal experience, select the ones you are more likely to need and use.
  7. Directions to the San Juan Hut Systems office in Ridgway

Pertinent route information to access the Last Dollar Hut

Pertinent route information for Last Dollar Hut to North Pole Hut

If you will be Traveling to the North Pole Hut, the information you will need is below.

Once we have received your payment in full 30 days prior to your departure date, we will mail you a set of maps and hut key. We are excited to have you and your group join us. We believe that, while there may be some challenges along the trail, the rewards upon arrival into Moab are one of kind! We surely hope you enjoy your trip with us!

Thanks for spending your time with us in the San Juans!

San Juan Hut Systems!