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Sneffels Half Loop Race Results

| Joe Ryan | San Juan Huts Blog

Congratulations to all! Thank you for racing with us! Join us this summer on the same course, without skis and with trail runners! Race details to be announced, stay tuned.

Place Bib / Name Time
129/ Brian Smith of Gunnison5:25:39
240 / Scott Simmons of Durango 5:25:44
327/ Billy Laird of Crested Butte 5:39:56
412/Janelle Smiley of Crested Butte 5:45:36
57/Pat O’Neil of Crested Butte 5:49:30
613/Brian Johnson of Aspen 6:10:25
749/Jeff Deutsch of Crested Butte 7:06:49
823/Allen Hadley of Crested Butte 7:20:46
930/Baker Bent of Ridgway 7:28:51
1037/ Jaimie Palmer of Telluride 7:37:20
1119/Ray Hellinger of Pagosa Springs 7:27:26
1242/Jim Crosslund of Telluride 7:59:57
1332/Mike Pennings of Ridgway 8:10:16
146/Mark Drucker fo Crested Butte 8:10:21
1541/Lance Waring of Telluride 8:20:50
168/Rick Murray of Crested Butte 8:24:19
1718/ Lindsay Records of Crested Butte 8:43:17
185/Marcel Medued of Crested Butte 8:44:35
19Joe Ryan (no bib number) 8:45:28
2033/Tom Karpeichik of Boulder 8:46:30
2121/Kirsten Kindt of Boulder 8:46:30
2220/Liam Biermey of Boulder 8:56:18
2324/Ryan Guldan of Denver 9:00:58
2435/John Miller of Telluride 9:05:30
254/Gareth Roberts of Crested Butte 9:22:06
2616/Jim Nichols of Durango 9:23:00
2714/Gordon Rhodes of Durango 9:24:48
2815/Keith Bauer of Crested Butte 9:27:12
2911/Robbie Johnson of Pagosa Springs 9:29:02
302/ David Clark of Aspen 9:29:06
313/Bob Wade of Aspen 9:29:06
3225/Brendan Trimboli of Durango 9:49:25
3336/Wayne Peterson 10:31:00
3439/Karen Brown of Telluride 11:12:00