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Sneffels Traverse 2014 Results

| Kelly Ryan | San Juan Huts Blog
San Juan Huts Sneffels Travers 2014

What a great group of people, thanks for coming out everyone! Hope to see you all next year!

San Juan Huts Sneffels Travers 2014

What a great group of people, thanks for coming out everyone! Hope to see you all next year!

Nice work everyone! See you next year.
Place Gender Name Time Bib #
1 MScott Simmons4:37:2063
1 MBrian Smith4:37:20 74
2 MJesse Rickert4:40:5055
3 MPat O’Neill4:41:5050
4 MBilly Laird4:49:4373
5 MJeff Deucsh5:37:4575
6 MBrendan Trimboli5:38:1544
7 MRick Willis5:43:1270
8 MFrank Mapel5:44:2161
9 MDon Moden5:44:4056
10MRich Smith6:00:1046
11MDave Ahrens6:28:5054
12MDavid Chew6:33:3557
13MChris Stewart6:34:1471
14FJennifer Shelton6:41:0143
15MScott Winslow6:42:0766
16MJim Toman6:49:1662
17FXimena Rebolledo6:50:4965
18MKeith Bauer6:53:1049
19MBrian Miller6:55:0369
20MJosh Williams7:01:4759
21FMiriam Schaffer7:04:0058
22MOtto Krichman7:06:3945
23MMartin Catmur7:18:3048
24MJaime Palmer7:21:5780
25MBaker Bent7:23:2364
26MJohn Miller7:31:4580
27MBen Clark7:35:2078
28MTom Karpechik7:42:2953
29FKirsten Kindt 7:42:2952
30MBert Perry8:08:4472
31MJeffrey Myer 8:09:5976
32MDominic Schiavone8:12:1268
33MJim Nichols8:12:2067
34MPete May9:12:4747
35MMatthew Anderson9:48:5451
36MAl Bouchier9:48:5460

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