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The original hut to hut biking at its best. Enjoy open
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Warm, dry huts separated by ski and snowshoe
adventures. What could be better?

Who is on the other end of the line?

Although you might find us on the other end of the line of a phone or computer, we live to be outside. Some of our collective adventures include: Multi thousand mile bike trips throughout US, Canada, Mexico, and Ireland; biking our own routes; innumerable miles of singletrack; ski patrolling at Telluride, Alta, Crystal Mountain, and the Cimarron Mountain Club; climbing trips throughout the US to Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Argentina; West Buttress, Rib, and Cassin Routes on Denali; Navy Seals; horse pack trips through Argentina; Competed in Hardrock 100 running race, slalom kayak races, Rando races and the Grand Traverse; remote whitewater kayak trips across the globe; river ranger; and much more.

San Juan Huts founder Joe RyanJoe Ryan

These hut systems are the manifestation of Joe’s dreams, determination, and hours and hours of physical toil. Spending many hours, days, and years sniffing out routes, ‘humping loads’ of lumber, propane, etc into the mountains, and countless hours driving back roads, Joe intimately knows these routes and is a wealth of knowledge.

San Juan Huts Kelly RyanKelly Ryan

Joe’s daughter, Kelly, grew up around and in the huts. After college she followed her father’s footsteps and spent years guiding and ski patrolling in WA, AK, CA, CO, and abroad. In 2012, after roaming the best spots on the globe for recreation, she realized you just can’t beat the San Juans and came home to help her dad run the family business.

John Phelps of San Juan HutsJohn Phelps

John grew up in Southwest CO loving anything outdoors. After a 10 year hiatus out of state exploring the country, he found that everything he wanted was located in the place he grew up. "This area in just incredible!"

Kirstin Kurtz of San Juan HutsKristin Kurtz

Kristin came to Ridgway from the Black Hills about 3 years ago. She enjoys mountain biking, skiing, hiking, camping, and photography. She feels pretty lucky to call the San Juan Mountains her home. "Living the dream!"


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Watch this as National Geographic rides the Durango to Moab route.

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The Pros & Cons of Shipping your Bike

The Pros & Cons of Shipping your Bike

Riding your bike is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new place. Planning on riding with us, San Juan Huts, you'll likely be asking the question: Should I fly with my bike, ship it, or should I go cross country to my destination? Which bike case should I use? Box or case? What are the pros and cons to my options? Taking a road trip would be my choice, but not everyone can get a week off of work plus time it takes to get to your destination.


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Who's ready for Spring Break? Views from Last Dollar, January 2020
Spring Creek Bound!
McCombs party had a great time at Spring Creek, our Fatbike / Nordic Ski Hut. This hut is also used in our Telluride to Moab route
Look at these little cuties heading into Blue Lakes Hut this past Friday. Photo credit Magtutu party
Lots of snow transport up high by the Ridgway Hut. Cobra and Mongoose are getting loaded.
Wishing everyone an AWESOME, HEALTHY and EXCITING 2020! Thanks to everyone who made our 2019 season one of the best yet. It just gets better every year! Cheers!
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There is a fire near Ridgway CO. Although this does not currently affect our huts the smoke can be seen from the hiking huts.…

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Remember to wear bright colors, it is hunting season.

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Hot off the press is the newest movie from Ryan Van Duzer, his first day on our Durango to Moab Hut-to-Hut mountain bike trip! Check it out!…

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